Red Oak Celebrates Peace Day

On Saturday, September 21st children, families and teachers of Red Oak came together for their 2nd Annual Peace Day Celebration. As families arrived for the gathering, the children were very excited to show their parents the Peace Flags they made (also called Wishing Flags), which were hung outside on the playground. These flags were painted by the students and then they were given the opportunity to show off their beautiful artwork and explain what made them feel happy and peaceful. The idea is that when these flags are hung, anyone who sees them will feel happy and peaceful and those peaceful feelings will spread from person to person. When the wind blows, it will carry the children’s wishes for peace and happiness to all! Some examples of the children’s peaceful and happy thoughts were, “A hot day at the beach makes me happy!” and “Talking to my sister makes me happy!” At noon everyone gathered to sing a song for peace, followed by a picnic lunch on the playground. The closing of the Peace Day Celebration was planting a new tree on the playground to beautify the space and signify everyone’s commitment to spreading peace. It was a gorgeous autumn day to share with everyone and we look forward to continuing this annual celebration.


peace day picnic

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